Fountain of Youth Comes True

Both looking and feeling younger are now possible through the Autologous Stem Cell Transplant

THE ABILITY TO LOOK YOUNGER HAS BEEN POSSIBLE WITH the onslaught of anti-aging treatments and cosmetic procedures. However, the ability to actually become younger is now possible through the new Autologous Stem Cell Transplant (ASCT). ASCT holds great promise against a wide variety of illnesses, such as Alzheimer's Parkinson's, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, spinal cord injuries, and aging itself.

"The therapy does not prevent you from getting the diseases," Dr. Lucero explains. "But because it has a regenerative effect on organs, it may delay the onset of a particular disease. Nearly all diseases have a degenerative component, and that's what the therapy helps. For example, in the case of diabetes, there may be a degeneration of the cardiovascular system leading to ischemic heart disease, peripheral neuropathy of the legs, and retinopathy of the eyes. The therapy can help restore the heart, legs and eyes, and may help reduce diabetes. However, it will not take the disease away."

The transplant, which takes four hours (three hours to culture the stem cell, and one hour to harvest and infuse back into the patient), harvests 100 cc of dormant stem cells from the patient's fat cells through liposuction. They are placed in a fat-dissolving solution to separate the cells from the fat, centrifuged, then placed in a growth factor solution, allowing the substrate to increase in number viable to the transplant. Then, the cells are washed and infused back to the patient intravenously. ASCT has also been dubbed as the ultimate anti-aging therapy, as it offers rejuvenation in terms of looking younger and feeling stronger. "Since aging is a degenerative disease, the therapy induces the mesenchymal stem taken from the adipose tissue to become multiple new cells inside the new liver, bone, muscle, skin and nerve cells, as required by the body," says Dr. Lucero. "Because of its regenerative effects, it makes a person younger both on the outside and inside." Some effects reported were increased energy levels (as if subtracting 10 years from one's current age), short-term memory improvement, mood relaxation, sleep pattern improvement, increased libido, and the will to exercise. Dr. Lucero advocates the Holistic Medical Rejuvenation, which combines the ASCT with liposuction, body contouring or any other form of plastic surgery, during the three-hour waiting period for the stem cells.

"I've had essential tremors, meaning I shake, particularly my right hand, for 10 years but the organ causing it was never detected," shares Dr. Lucero's wife Tinette. "One afternoon, Dr. Bill Paspaliaris noticed my hand shaking and said I was in an early stage of Parkinson's. I told my husband I wanted to try ASCT, since my medication wasn't helping. He did the procedure by extracting one million dormant stem cells from my fat cells through liposuction. While waiting for the stem cells to culture, he performed abdomen liposuction and did my lower eye bags, as well. What's amazing was the next day, I was up and about, as if I didn't have surgery the day before. I healed much better and faster as compared to my other surgeries. There is truly a holistic approach to rejuvenation -- externally through plastic surgery, and internally through the ASCT."

Full recovery period for the mere harvesting of fat cells is about one to two weeks, while for combination surgery, it requires around four to six weeks. "The therapy is, in many ways, a mild fountain of youth," Dr. Lucero say's. "According to highly respected scientists worldwide, we can eventually counter the effects of aging itself, and will one day enable people to live and be healthy up to the ages 120 to 130."

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